Reviewing The Types Of Cyber Crimes

In the state of Oklahoma, consumers, business owners, and children are protected under federal laws. The federal laws apply to a wide spectrum of cyber laws. The laws define criminal offenses that relate to the use of the internet for unethical and dangerous purposes. Criminal defense lawyers in Tulsa, Oklahoma provide defenses for defendants who are wrongfully accused of the offenses.

A Case of Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when personal or financial details are acquired from another individual for financial gains. The cases are connected to cyber attacks in which the information is extracted from the consumer’s computer or a business-related database in which the information is stored. Once the information is obtained, the criminal uses it to acquire funds, products, or to assume the identity of the owner of the information.

The Distribution of Pornography to a Minor

Any instance of distribution of pornography to a minor is classified as a federal offense. Cyber crimes investigators often discover sex traffickers, sex offenders, and related criminals through these acts. According to reports, the distribution of pornography is often linked to attempts to solicit sexual acts from the minor. The offenses are often linked, and the defendant is charged accordingly. A felony criminal defense attorney could provide a defense for the allegations.

Invasion of Privacy and Stalking Via Network Connections

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Hackers can spy on private citizens via network connections in their homes. The connections could be related to their computers or even their home surveillance systems. The crimes are often related to the exploitation of the web cameras connected to the systems. Evidence of the attacks begins with logs of access to the systems themselves. Any images captured on the defendant’s computer or network could also present further evidence of stalking.

Network Intrusions and Hacking

Security breaches are possible in a business-based environment. Hackers who are seeking financial gains attack the business through a network connection. The hackers identify vulnerabilities in the network to extract data. The data is often classified or confidential in nature. A denial of service attack is often related to the cyber attacks on businesses and government agencies. Criminal defendants facing the charges need tulsa felony criminal lawyers.

In Oklahoma, cyber crimes are prosecuted under federal laws. The individual crimes are punishable based on the gains of the defendant. This includes funds, services, or products acquired through theft. The crimes are also linked to the exploitation of children. Defendants who are charged with a cyber crime contact felony lawyers in Tulsa to seek assistance today.